Our Program

Learning in the Early Years

Children learn through their experiences, interactions with the environment, their peers and educators. They learn about themselves, others and the world around them. During the kindergarten year the children develop knowledge, attitudes and skills that they will build on throughout their lives. Children’s experiences in the early years have an impact on children’s future learning. Our Kindergarten program acknowledges the importance of this and creates a space full of rich meaningful opportunities. We aim to provide a nurturing place where all children are given time and space to grow and develop. Where each child feels safe, valued and respected so they may achieve their full potential in all areas of development.

Children’s Learning/Our Program

We acknowledge that each child is a unique individual that comes with different life experiences, skills and knowledge. At St Thomas’s Riverview Kindergarten we cater for the individual needs and interest of each child, allowing them to learn at their own pace and in ways that are best for them. Your child may not come home every day with a painting, drawing or pasting, but they will have been very busy working at something else such as blocks, reading, puzzles or dramatic play. During the early years one of the most important goals is to support children to become enthusiastic learners, not just at Kindergarten but in every aspect of their lives. We encourage the children to be creative explorers who think their own thoughts and are not afraid to try out their ideas.


Our program is developed in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework and Queensland Kindergarten Learning guide.  Our curriculum is guided by the children’s interests and developmental needs.  We also encourage children’s participation in relevant events in our community. Every year, a new group of children comes to St Thomas’s Riverview Kindergarten with their unique interests, ideas and understanding of the World. Every year, our program grows and evolves with the children.

Everyday Experiences

At St Thomas’s Riverview our daily program provides opportunities for children to learn through their interactions with others and the environment. Each day we encourage the children to participate in individual, small and whole group experiences. We use both the indoor and outdoor environments to add values to our program.

There is a balance of child-directed and adult-initiated experiences. There are times in the day when the children decides to participate and there are also times where we all come together as a group to participate in teacher-led whole group experiences. There are also days we choose to have a full day outside experimenting and exploring our natural environment.

Every day there are sessions in the program which provides opportunities for the children to participate in whole group experiences including games, group discussions, singing, dancing, movement stories and yoga.

Family Participation

We acknowledge parents/carers as their child’s first educators and value their input into the program. Families are encouraged to participate in the program by staying to play during the session, attending special days, assisting at working bees and becoming part of the Kindergarten Committee of Management.

Excursions and Special Events

During the year our program is enhanced by special days, visitors and excursions. These events are planned around the children’s interests and some examples include Harmony Day Breakfast, Mothers’ morning tea, visits from the Fire Brigade, Police, reef puppet and African drumming workshop.

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