Parent Involvement


Parents Roster

During the course of the year parents participate in ‘parent roster’ days.  You can see your child’s development for yourself, assist staff and contribute to the smooth running of the day’s activities.

Working Bee Day

At various times during the year parents, attend ‘Maintenance Days’, undertaking a myriad of tasks.  This enables the Kindergarten to minimise their building/grounds maintenance costs during the course of the year.  It is also another chance for parents to network.

Management Committee

St Thomas’s Riverview Kindergarten is community based. Parents are afforded the pleasure of joining in the daily running of the Kindergarten. By electing to join the management committee you can become a decision maker for the Kindergarten community.

Ways in which you can be involved

There are many ways in which you can be involved with the Kindergarten.  Parents are encouraged to share their individual talents.  Some responsibilities include:

•    Management Committee
•    Fundraising
•    Parent Roster
•    Working Bee
•    Librarian.

Lifelong Friendships

Many children and parents form friendships that last a lifetime.  Whilst kindergarten is an exciting time for children it can also be a very positive and enjoyable time for parents as they meet and socialise with other like-minded parents.




Most community kindergartens have three sources of income. These are government grants, fees and fundraising. Bearing in mind government funding contributes only 40-50% of costs directed primarily to teaching salaries but none to ancillary staff, resources or building maintenance. Without substantial fundraising during the course of the year fees would need to be increased markedly. The Kindergarten acknowledges the busy lives of our families and the lack of time available to many to participate in several fundraising activities.  With this in mind, the Kindergarten has implemented a fundraising levy which is already included in term fees.

Occasionally the Committee may decide to hold a special fundraiser such as an election booth cake stall or Bunnings sausage sizzle should it be deemed necessary to boost funds for Kindergarten when large capital expenditure may be required (eg. The need to replace the roof, rebuild essential play equipment or refurbishment of key assets).

The Kindergarten encourages participation from families in non-fundraising activities during the year.  These include:


  • Two Family Social BBQs per year (the Kindy provides meat and drinks and guests are asked to bring a share plate)
  • Wheel-a-thon – a breakfast held at the beginning of the year with a bike race for the children
  • Book fair – books are displayed for one week at the Kindy for you to purchase
  • Toy Catalogues – a great way to stock up on gifts and Christmas shopping
  • Parent social events – such as coffee catch up and Christmas drinks.

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